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  package My::App;
  use Mouse;
  with 'MouseX::Getopt::Dashes';

  # Will be called as --some-thingy, not --some_thingy
  has 'some_thingy' => (
      is      => 'ro',
      isa     => 'Str',
      default => 'foo'

  # Will be called as --another_thingy, not --another-thingy
  has 'another_thingy' => (
      traits   => [ 'Getopt' ],
      cmd_flag => 'another_thingy'
      is       => 'ro',
      isa      => 'Str',
      default  => 'foo'

  # use as MouseX::Getopt


This is a version of MouseX::Getopt which converts underscores in attribute names to dashes when generating command line flags.

You can selectively disable this on a per-attribute basis by supplying a cmd_flag argument with the command flag you'd like for a given attribute. No underscore to dash replacement will be done on the cmd_flag.