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  package App;
  use Mouse;

  with 'MouseX::Getopt';

  has 'data' => (
      traits    => [ 'Getopt' ],
      is        => 'ro',
      isa       => 'Str',
      default   => 'file.dat',

      # tells MouseX::Getopt to use --somedata as the
      # command line flag instead of the normal
      # autogenerated one (--data)
      cmd_flag  => 'somedata',

      # tells MouseX::Getopt to also allow --moosedata,
      # -m, and -d as aliases for this same option on
      # the commandline.
      cmd_aliases => [qw/ moosedata m d /],

      # Or, you can use a plain scalar for a single alias:
      cmd_aliases => 'm',


This is a custom attribute metaclass trait which can be used to specify a the specific command line flag to use instead of the default one which MouseX::Getopt will create for you.


Changes the commandline flag to be this value, instead of the default, which is the same as the attribute name.


Adds more aliases for this commandline flag, useful for short options and such.