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Net::Peep::Peck - Perl extension for generating ad-hoc sounds using the Peep sound engine.


  use Net::Peep::Peck;
  my $peck = new Net::Peep::Peck;


Net::Peep::Peck provides utility methods for the peck utility, which allows users to generate ad-hoc sounds.


None by default.


  new() - The constructor

  peck() - Sends an event to the server and port specified by the
  command-line flags (you guessed it!) --server and --port.  For other
  related command-line flags, see the COMMAND-LINE ARGUMENTS section.


Command-line arguments processed by Net::Peep::Peck include:

    --type      The type of sound to produce (event=0, state=1)
    --sound     The name or number of the sound to produce
    --location  The location (left or right speaker) of the sound
    --volume    The volume of the sound
    --priority  A priority for producing the sound
    --dither    The dither
    --port      The port to which the event will be directed
    --server    The server to which the event will be directed
    --debug     The debugging level (Def:  0)
    --logfile   The file to send log output (Def:  STDOUT)
    --help      Prints whatever PODs are found in the calling 


  peck --server=localhost --port=2001 --sound=auth-fail

  peck --server=localhost --port=2001 --type=0 --sound=1

  peck --server=localhost --port=2001 --sound=0 --debug=9


To play individual sounds (for example, if you are browsing through the sounds directory), bplay makes for a nice sound browser.

Last I checked, you can find bplay at

The following arguments tend to work well for me:

  bplay -S -s 44100 -b 16 soundfile

where soundfile is whatever sound you want to listen to (hermit-thrush-01.01 is one of my personal favorites).

Note that you should not have the Peep daemon running when you use bplay and vice-versa.


Michael Gilfix <> Copyright (C) 2001


perl(1), Net::Peep::BC, peck.


$Log:,v $ Revision 1.4 2001/09/23 08:53:57 starky The initial checkin of the 0.4.4 release candidate 1 clients. The release includes (but is not limited to): o A new client: pinger o A greatly expanded sysmonitor client o An API for creating custom clients o Extensive documentation on creating custom clients o Improved configuration file format o E-mail notifications Contact Collin at collin.starkweather@colorado with any questions.

Revision 1.3 2001/08/08 20:17:57 starky Check in of code for the 0.4.3 client release. Includes modifications to allow for backwards-compatibility to Perl 5.00503 and a critical bug fix to the 0.4.2 version of Net::Peep::Conf.

Revision 1.2 2001/05/06 21:33:17 starky Bug 421248: The --help flag should now work as expected.

Revision 1.1 2001/04/23 10:13:20 starky Commit in preparation for release 0.4.1.

o Altered package namespace of Peep clients to Net::Peep at the suggestion of a CPAN administrator. o Changed Peep::Client::Log to Net::Peep::Client::Logparser and Peep::Client::System to Net::Peep::Client::Sysmonitor for clarity. o Made adjustments to documentation. o Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

Revision 1.8 2001/04/17 06:46:21 starky Hopefully the last commit before submission of the Peep client library to the CPAN. Among the changes:

o The clients have been modified somewhat to more elagantly clean up pidfiles in response to sigint and sigterm signals. o Minor changes have been made to the documentation. o The Peep::Client module searches through a host of directories in order to find peep.conf if it is not immediately found in /etc or provided on the command line. o The make test script conf.t was modified to provide output during the testing process. o Changes files and files were added to prevent specious complaints during the make process.

Revision 1.7 2001/04/07 08:23:35 starky Added documentation describing how to listen to individual sounds with bplay for those who may find that interesting.

Revision 1.6 2001/04/04 05:40:00 starky Made a more intelligent option parser, allowing a user to more easily override the default options. Also moved all error messages that arise from client options (e.g., using noautodiscovery without specifying a port and server) from the parseopts method to being the responsibility of each individual client.

Also made some minor and transparent changes, such as returning a true value on success for many of the methods which have no explicit return value.

Revision 1.5 2001/03/31 07:51:35 mgilfix

  Last major commit before the 0.4.0 release. All of the newly rewritten
clients and libraries are now working and are nicely formatted. The server
installation has been changed a bit so now peep.conf is generated from
the template file during a configure - which brings us closer to having
a work-out-of-the-box system.

Revision 1.1 2001/03/31 02:17:00 mgilfix Made the final adjustments to for the 0.4.0 release so everything now works. Lots of changes here: autodiscovery works in every situation now (client up, server starts & vice-versa), clients now shutdown elegantly with a SIGTERM or SIGINT and remove their pidfiles upon exit, broadcast and server definitions in the class definitions is now parsed correctly, the client libraries now parse the events so they can translate from names to internal numbers. There's probably some other changes in there but many were made :) Also reformatted all of the code, so it uses consistent indentation.