Clayton O'Neill


Number::Base::DWIM - delay parsing of based constants as long as possible.


    use Numbers::Base::DWIM

    my $x = 011;
    print $x, "\n";  # prints 9
    print "$x\n";    # prints 011

    print oct($x)    # prints 011


This module will delay parsing of based numeric constants (0b010101, 0655, 0xff) until the last possible moment. This means that if you use the constant as a string, then it will evaluate to the same form that the constant was declared in.

This module was developed after an discussion where some people found the behavior of perl -e 'print oct 011, "\n";' to be confusing. This module works around this by overloading the parsing of binary, hexidecimal and octal numeric constants. It then stores them in a dualvar, as provided by Scalar::Util.


Originally this was implemented as a class, and the overload function returned an object with numification and stringification methods. Thanks to Brian D. Foy for suggesting that it use dualvar instead.


Due to a bug in overload, constants inside of and eval '...' won't be handled specially.


Clayton O'Neill <>


Copyright (c) 2006 by Clayton O'Neill

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.