Otto Hirr
and 1 contributors
$res = PDF::API3::Compat::API2::Resource::XObject::Form->new $pdf

Returns a form-resource object. base class for all types of form-xobjects.

$res = PDF::API3::Compat::API2::Resource::XObject::Form->new_api $api, $name

Returns a form resource object. This method is different from 'new' that it needs an PDF::API3::Compat::API2-object rather than a Text::PDF::File-object.

($llx, $lly, $urx, $ury) = $res->bbox $llx, $lly, $urx, $ury
$res->resource $type, $key, $obj

Adds a resource to the form.



Note: You only have to add the required resources, if they are NOT handled by the *font*, *image*, *shade* or *space* methods.


alfred reibenschuh


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