Benjamin Trott
and 1 contributors


POE::Component::BlogCloud - Client interface to streaming cloud server


    use POE qw( Component::BlogCloud );
        ReceivedUpdate => sub {
            my($update) = $_[ ARG0 ];
            ## $update is a POE::Component::BlogCloud::Update object.


POE::Component::BlogCloud is a client interface to the streaming cloud server, described at It's built using the POE framework for Perl, allowing you to build an event-based application that receives weblog updates, then acts upon them.


POE::Component::BlogCloud->spawn( %arg )

  • ReceivedUpdate

    The callback to execute when an update from the streaming server is received. ARG0 contains a POE::Component::BlogCloud::Update that represents the update information.

    This argument is required.

  • AutoReconnect

    If the client is disconnected from the streaming server because of an error, it can be told to automatically try to reconnect by setting AutoReconnect to 1.

    This argument is optional, and if not specified defaults to 0, meaning that the client will not automatically reconnect.

  • RemoteAddress

    The address of the streaming server to connect to.

    This argument is optional, and if not specified defaults to

  • RemotePort

    The port where the streaming server is running.

    This argument is optional, and if not specified defaults to 9999.


The specification for the streaming server indicates that gzip compression will be turned on at some point, at which point an update to this module will be needed.

In addition, the server does sometimes seem to get "stuck" and stop sending updates, which will be indicated by the client hanging waiting for an update. There's not much that can be done about this from the client side.


POE::Component::BlogCloud is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Except where otherwise noted, POE::Component::BlogCloud is Copyright 2005 Benjamin Trott, All rights reserved.