Chad Granum
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Package::Watchdog::Sub - Base object for managing overriden subroutines.


Only once instance of a class based on this one can exist per package and sub. Each instance manages exactly one sub. When the instance is created it overrides the subroutine with a new one. The instance will expire when the original sub is restored.


The following accessors methods are automatically generated using Package::Watchdog::Util::build_accessors().


Name of the package the sub is in.


Name of the sub being managed.


_instance( $class, $package, $sub )

Get/Set the current instance of $class built for $package::$sub. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY!

$sub_ref = new_sub()

Must be overriden by a subclass. Should return a replacement sub for the sub being managed.

$sub_ref = _new_sub()


Wraps the sub from new_sub() in additional logic to ensure the original sub is restored after an exception.

$obj = $class->new( $package, $sub, $tracker, @params )

Constructs a new instance, or returns the existing instance of $class managing $package::$sub. In the case of an existing instance the tracker is appended to the list of trackers. @params is passed to init().

init() is called both for new instances and existing.



Replaces the managed sub with _new_sub(). Will refuse to run if the instance has expired. Automatically called by new(), you should NEVER need to runthis yourself.


Restore the original subroutine and expire this instance.


Chad Granum


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