Quizzer::Template - Template object


This is an object that represents a Template. Each Template has some associated data, the fields of the template structure. To get at this data, just use $template->fieldname to read a field, and $template->fieldname(value) to write a field. Any field names at all can be used, the convention is to lower-case their names. All Templates should have a "template" field that is their name. Most have "default", "type", and "description" fields as well. The field named "extended_description" holds the extended description, if any.

Templates support internationalization. If LANG or a related environment variable is set, and you request a field from a template, it will see if "$ENV{LANG}-field" exists, and if so return that instead.



Pass this another Template and all properties of the object you call this method on will be copied over onto the other Template and any old values in the other Template will be removed.


This method parses a string containing a template and stores all the information in the Template object.

any other method

Set/get a property. This supports internationalization.


Joey Hess <>