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  $modified_resultset = $searchbox->chain_query_search_rs( $resultset, $params );

This method is called by the Grid to apply the QuickSearch query information in $params to the $resultset, returning a chained $modified_resultset.

If the $params do not contain a 'query' string, this returns the $resultset un-changed. If the $params describe a search that does not search any columns, this method returns a resultset that finds zero rows.


  $sql_abstract_clause= $searchbox->get_condition_for_column( $resultset, \%opts, \%attrs )
  # where %opts contains:
    query   => $query_text,
    col     => $rapidapp_column_name, # may be virtual
  # and %attrs is the DBIC attributes to be applied with the search

This method generates a DBIC clause for one column. In this SearchBox implementation, the clauses for each column are "OR"ed to create the final DBIC search clause. Subclasses may use this method to tap into the default per-column behavior, or override behavior for specific columns.

This method should return undef if this column cannot match the search phrase, such as if the user searches for alphanumeric text and the column can only hold integers.