Sah::Schema::fiat_or_cryptocurrency - Fiat currency code or cryptocurrency code, name, or safename


This document describes version 0.015 of Sah::Schema::fiat_or_cryptocurrency (from Perl distribution Sah-Schemas-CryptoCurrency), released on 2020-03-08.


Using with Data::Sah:

 use Data::Sah qw(gen_validator);
 my $vdr = gen_validator("fiat_or_cryptocurrency*");
 say $vdr->($data) ? "valid" : "INVALID!";

 # Data::Sah can also create a validator to return error message, coerced value,
 # even validators in other languages like JavaScript, from the same schema.
 # See its documentation for more details.

Using in Rinci function metadata (to be used with Perinci::CmdLine, etc):

 package MyApp;
 our %SPEC;
 $SPEC{myfunc} = {
     v => 1.1,
     summary => 'Routine to do blah ...',
     args => {
         arg1 => {
             summary => 'The blah blah argument',
             schema => ['fiat_or_cryptocurrency*'],
 sub myfunc {
     my %args = @_;


Either: a) a known fiat currency code (e.g. USD, GBP), or b) a known cryptocurrency code or name or safename (e.g. BTC, "Bitcoin Cash", ethereum-classic). Fiat currency code is checked against known codes in Locale::Codes::Currency_Codes. Cryptocurrency code/name/safename is checked against catalog in CryptoCurrency::Catalog. Cryptocurrency name/safename Will be normalized to code in uppercase.


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