Pratheepan Raveendranathan


        Search - Examples of GoogleHack search function.


        #include GoogleHack, so that it can be used

        use WebService::GoogleHack;

        #Change this variable if you are running this program from a directory
        #Other than WebService/GoogleHack/Example/


        #Create an Object of type WebService::GoogleHack

        $google = new WebService::GoogleHack;

        #initialize the object to required parameters by giving path to config


        #Now call search function like this

        #Here I am searching for duluth.


        #The results variable will now contain the results of your query.

        #Printing the searchtime

        print "\n Search Time".$google->{'searchTime'};

        #Printing the snippet element 0

        print "\n\nSnippet".$google->{'snippet'}->[0];


The examples in this module are meant to serve as a means of introducing to the user how to use GoogleHack to use the search method, and retrieve the results.


Pratheepan Raveendranathan, <>

Ted Pedersen, <>



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Google-Hack Maling List <>


Copyright (c) 2005 by Pratheepan Raveendranathan, Ted Pedersen

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