use Search::Elasticsearch;
        use Search::Elasticsearch::Plugin::Langdetect;
        use Search::Elasticsearch();
        my $es = Search::Elasticsearch->new(
            nodes   => \@nodes,
            plugins => ['Langdetect']
        my $e = Search::Elasticsearch->new(...);
        my $ld = $e->langdetect;

        my $lang = $ld->detect_language( "Hello World" );
        # en


->detect_languages $content

    my $languages = $ld->detect_languages( $content );

Returns an arrayref of all detected languages together with their propabilities.

->detect_language $content

    my $language = $ld->detect_language( $content );

Returns the ISO-two-letter code for the detected language. This method is mostly a shorthand for retrieving the most likely language from ->detect_languages.