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Selenium::Remote::Driver::UserAgent - (DEPRECATED) Use Selenium::UserAgent instead


version 0.0301


    my $dua = Selenium::Remote::Driver::UserAgent->new(
        browserName => 'chrome',
        agent => 'iphone'

    my $caps = $dua->caps;
    my $driver = Selenium::Remote::Driver->new_from_caps(%$caps);


DEPRECATED! This module has been renamed to Selenium::UserAgent, and future development will take place there. This module will eventually be deleted from the CPAN.

This package will help you test your websites on mobile devices by convincing your browsers to masquerade as a mobile device. You can start up Firefox or Chrome with the same user agents that your mobile browsers would send, along with the same screen resolution and layout.

Although the experience may not be 100% the same as manually testing on an actual mobile device, the advantage of testing this way is that you hardly need any additional infrastructure if you've already got a webdriver testing suite set up.

NB: There is a bug in v2.42.2 of the Selenium standalone server for Retina displays, like on MacBook Pros: the scaling for Firefox will be doubled in both the width and height dimensions. You can either use an older version of the standalone server or wait for a new release.



Required: specify which browser type to use. Currently, we only support Chrome and Firefox.

    my $dua = Selenium::Remote::Driver::UserAgent->new(
        browserName => 'chrome',
        agent => 'ipad'


Required: specify which mobile device type to emulate. Your options are:


Usage looks like:

    my $dua = Selenium::Remote::Driver::UserAgent->new(
        browserName => 'chrome',
        agent => 'ipad_seven'


Optional: specify the orientation of the mobile device. Your options are portrait or landscape; defaults to portrait.



Call this after initiating the ::UserAgent object to get the capabilities that you should pass to S::R::D's's "new_from_caps" in Selenium::Remote::Driver function. This function returns a hashref with the following keys:

inner_window_size - this will set the window size immediately after browser creation
desired_capabilities - this will set the browserName and the appropriate options needed

If you're using Firefox and you'd like to continue editing the Firefox profile before passing it to the Driver, pass in unencoded = 1> as the argument to this function.


Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website https://github.com/gempesaw/Selenium-Remote-Driver-UserAgent/issues

When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


Daniel Gempesaw <gempesaw@gmail.com>