check out exmaple/somelib-example to see how to render more than one set of commands with ExampleRunner

This is SomeLib v1.09, we have 2 sets of scripts in this distribution, we have some utility scripts in bin/ that will be installed globally on the system (these are run/included by =helper) and we have some additional scripts in example/ (which are included with =example)

this is the script that we would expand this pod with: (the =outside command is here so we can include it too):

Once we've seen this script, it's easy to see how the following 2 sets of scripts can be used in the pod for SomeLib

helper scripts

when creating a new SomeLib application, you can use the helper script to get you started, you'll see a message something like this:

Once you've got your framework created, you can start on " SomeApp::Manual "


SomeLib also ships with several example scripts, they can be found in the tarball along with this module.

You will want to start with the interactive tutorial, found in example/, which looks like this:

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