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SNMP::MIB::Compiler - a MIB Compiler supporting SMIv1 and SMIv2


    use SNMP::MIB::Compiler;

    my $mib = new SNMP::MIB::Compiler;

    # search MIBs there...
    $mib->add_path('./mibs', '/foo/bar/mibs');

    # possibly using these extensions...
    $mib->add_extension('', '.mib', '.my');

    # store the compiled MIBs there..

    # only accept SMIv2 MIBs
    $mib->{'accept_smiv1'} = 0;
    $mib->{'accept_smiv2'} = 1;

    # no debug
    $mib->{'debug_lexer'}     = 0;
    $mib->{'debug_recursive'} = 0;

    # store compiled MIBs into files
    $mib->{'make_dump'}  = 1;
    # read compiled MIBs
    $mib->{'use_dump'}   = 1;
    # follow IMPORTS clause while compiling
    $mib->{'do_imports'} = 1;

    # load a precompiled MIB

    # compile a new MIB

    print $mib->resolve_oid('ifInOctets'), "\n";
    print $mib->convert_oid(''), "\n";
    print $mib->tree('ifMIB');


    SNMP::MIB::Compiler is a MIB compiler that fully supports
    both SMI(v1) and SMIv2. This module can be use to compile
    MIBs (recursively or not) or load already compiled MIBs for
    later use.
    Some tasks can be performed by the resulting object such as :

      - resolution of object names into object identifiers (OIDs).
        e.g. ifInOctets =>

      - convertion of OIDs.
        e.g. =>

      - drawing MIB trees.
        e.g. ifTestTable => ifTestTable
                                +-- --- ifTestEntry(1)
                                    +-- -rw Integer  ifTestId(1)
                                    +-- -rw Integer  ifTestStatus(2)
                                    +-- -rw ObjectID ifTestType(3)
                                    +-- -r- Integer  ifTestResult(4)
                                    +-- -r- ObjectID ifTestCode(5)
                                    +-- -rw String   ifTestOwner(6)

    The MIB to be compiled requires no modification. Everything legal
    according to SMIs is accepted, including MACRO definitions (which
    are parsed but ignored).

    This module is shipped with the basic MIBs usually needed by IMPORTS
    clauses. A lot of IETF MIBs has been successfully tested as well as
    some private ones.



SNMP::MIB::Compiler::new() class method

To create a new MIB, send a new() message to the SNMP::MIB::Compiler class. For example:

        my $mib = new SNMP::MIB::Compiler;

This will create an empty MIB ready to accept both SMIv1 and SMIv2 MIBs. A lot of attributes can be (des)activated to obtain a more or less strict and verbose compiler. The created object is returned.


SNMP::MIB::Compiler::add_path(p1[,p2[,p3]]) object method

Add one or more directories to the search path. This path is used to locate a MIB file when the 'compile' method is invoqued. The current list of paths is returned.


    # search MIBs in the "mibs" directory (relative
    # to cwd) and in "/foo/bar/mibs" (absolute path)
    $mib->add_path('./mibs', '/foo/bar/mibs');

SNMP::MIB::Compiler::add_extension(e1[,e2[,e3]]) object method

Add one or more extensions to the extension list. These extensions are used to locate a MIB file when the 'compile' method is invoqued. All extensions are tested for each directory specified by the add_path() method until one match. The current list of extensions is returned.


    $mib->add_path('./mibs', '/foo/bar/mibs');
    $mib->add_extension('', '.mib');

    The order is "./mibs/FOO", "./mibs/FOO.mib", "/foo/bar/mibs/FOO"
    and "/foo/bar/mibs/FOO.mib".

SNMP::MIB::Compiler::repository([dir]) object method

If 'dir' is defined, set the directory where compiled MIBs will be stored (using the compile() method) or loaded (using the load() method). The repository MUST be initialized before a MIB can be compiled or loaded. The current repository is returned.


    print "Current repository is ", $mib->repository, "\n";

SNMP::MIB::Compiler::compile(mib) object method

Compile a MIB given its name. All information contained in this MIB is inserted into the current object and is stored into a file in the repository (see the 'make_dump' attribute). The choosen name is the same as the real MIB name (defined in the MIB itself). If a precompiled MIB already exists in the repository and is newer than the given file, it is used instead of a real compilation (see the 'use_dump' attribute). The compiler can be recursive if IMPORTS clauses are followed (see the 'do_imports' attribute) and in that case, uncompiled MIB names must be explict according to paths and extensions critaeria (see add_path() and add_extensions() methods). The current object is returned.


SNMP::MIB::Compiler::load(mib) object method

Load a precompiled MIB given its name. All information contained in this MIB is inserted into the current object. The file is searched in the repository which MUST be initialized. In case of success, returns 1 else returns 0.



SNMP::MIB::Compiler::resolve_oid(node) object method


    print $mib->resolve_oid('ifInOctets'), "\n";

SNMP::MIB::Compiler::convert_oid(oid) object method


    print $mib->convert_oid(''), "\n";

SNMP::MIB::Compiler::tree(node) object method


    print $mib->tree('ifMIB');




Currently, it is more a TODO list than a bug list.

- not enough documentation

- not enough methods

- not enough test scripts

- find a better name for compiled MIBs than 'dump's.. even if they are no more than dumps.

If your MIBs can't be compiled by this module, please, double check their syntax. If you really think that they are correct, send them to me including their "uncommon" dependencies.


Fabien Tassin (


Copyright 1998, 1999, Fabien Tassin. All rights reserved. It may be used and modified freely, but I do request that this copyright notice remain attached to the file. You may modify this module as you wish, but if you redistribute a modified version, please attach a note listing the modifications you have made.