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Task::MojoliciousPlugins::PerlAcademy - All these modules are installed for the Mojolicious training


version 0.02


  • MojoX-AIO

    Asynchronous File I/O for Mojolicious

  • MojoX-Auth-Simple

    Perl extension for simple login authentication for Mojolicious web applications

  • MojoX-CPAN-Uploader

    Mojo way to upload files to CPAN

  • MojoX-CustomTemplateFileParser

    Parses a custom Mojo template file format

  • MojoX-DirectoryListing

    show Apache-style directory listings in your Mojolicious app

  • MojoX-Dispatcher-Qooxdoo-Jsonrpc

    dispatch Qooxdoo applications with Mojo

  • MojoX-Encode-Gzip

    Gzip a Mojo::Message::Response

  • MojoX-GlobalEvents

    A module to handle events

  • MojoX-IOLoop-Server-StartTLS

  • MojoX-JSON-RPC

    Perl implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol for Mojolicious

  • MojoX-JSON-RPC-Service-AutoRegister

    Base class for RPC Services

  • MojoX-JSON-XS

    A JSON::XS backend replacement for Mojo::JSON


    Client for JSON RPC 2.0 over HTTP

  • MojoX-Log-Declare

    Integrate Log::Declare with Mojolicious

  • MojoX-Log-Dispatch

    Log::Dispatch For Mojo

  • MojoX-Log-Fast

    Log::Fast for Mojolicious

  • MojoX-Log-Log4perl

    Log::Log4perl logging for Mojo/Mojolicious

  • MojoX-Logite

    A simple Mojo::Log implementation which logs to an SQLite database

  • MojoX-Moose-Controller

    A Moose based Mojolicious controller

  • MojoX-Mysql

    Mojolicious ♥ Mysql

  • MojoX-Ping

    asynchronous ping with Mojolicious (DEPRECATED).

  • MojoX-Plugin-AnyCache

    Cache plugin with blocking and non-blocking support

  • MojoX-Plugin-PHP

    use PHP as a templating system in Mojolicious

  • MojoX-Plugin-PODRenderer

  • MojoX-Redis

    asynchronous Redis client for Mojolicious. (Obsoleted by

  • MojoX-Renderer-Alloy

    Base class for Template::Alloy renderer

  • MojoX-Renderer-CTPP2

    CTPP2 renderer for Mojo

  • MojoX-Renderer-HTC

    HTML::Template::Compiled renderer for Mojo

  • MojoX-Renderer-HTP

    HTML::Template::Pro renderer for Mojo

  • MojoX-Renderer-IncludeLater

    A post processor to defer partial template rendering

  • MojoX-Renderer-JSON-XS

    Fast JSON::XS handler for Mojolicious::Renderer

  • MojoX-Renderer-WriteExcel

    emit Excel spreadsheets from Mojo

  • MojoX-Renderer-XSLT

    The great new MojoX::Renderer::XSLT!

  • MojoX-Renderer-Xslate

    Text::Xslate renderer for Mojo

  • MojoX-Routes-AsGraph

    Create a graph from a MojoX::Routes object

  • MojoX-Run

    IO::Handle wrapper with some emulated socket-like behaviour for Mojo::IOLoop compatibility.

  • MojoX-Session

    Session management for Mojo

  • MojoX-Session-Simple

    Plack::Middleware::Session::Simple adapter for Mojolicious

  • MojoX-Session-Store-File

    File store for MojoX::Session

  • MojoX-Session-Store-Libmemcached

    Memcached Store for MojoX::Session

  • MojoX-Session-Store-Memcached

    Memcached Store for MojoX::Session

  • MojoX-Session-Store-MongoDB

    MongoDB Store for MojoX::Session

  • MojoX-Session-Store-Redis

    RedisDB Store for MojoX::Session

  • MojoX-Transaction-WebSocket76

    WebSocket version hixie-76 transaction container

  • MojoX-UserAgent

    An asynchronous user-agent for the Mojo Web Framework.

  • MojoX-UserAgent-Throttler

    add throttling support to Mojo::UserAgent

  • MojoX-ValidateHeadLinks

    Ensure CSS and JS links in web pages point to real files

  • MojoX-Validator

    Data validator

  • Mojolicious

    Real-time web framework

  • Mojolicious-Command-deploy

    Deployment command

  • Mojolicious-Command-deploy-heroku

    Deploy to Heroku

  • Mojolicious-Command-generate-bootstrap

    Include Twitters Bootstrap

  • Mojolicious-Command-generate-bootstrap_app

    Generate a simple application with DBIx::Class authentication and Twitter Bootstrap CSS.

  • Mojolicious-Command-generate-dbicdump

    dbicdump your Mojo app schema

  • Mojolicious-Command-generate-qx_mojo_app

    Mojo generator for a qooxdoo mojolicious app

  • Mojolicious-Command-generate-upstart

    upstart job generator command

  • Mojolicious-Command-listdeps

    Command to list dependencies in a Mojolicious project

  • Mojolicious-Command-nopaste

    A clone of App::Nopaste using Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Command-secret

    Create application secrets() consisting of random bytes

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AccessControl

    Access control

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AccessLog

    AccessLog Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AdditionalValidationChecks

    Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AdvancedMod

    Generic Mojolicious app, controllers, models, helpers, views

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Airbrake

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Alias

    Mojolicious plugin to serve static files from aliased paths

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Angular-MaterialDesign

    Mojolicious + https://material.angularjs.org/

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AnyData

    Use and handle any data like a database source in test mode

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AppCacheManifest

    Offline web application manifest support for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Args

    Gives you a simple %args hash of parameters on the request, even if they're posted in JSON.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AssetPack

    Compress and convert css, less, sass, javascript and coffeescript files

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AttributeMaker

    Make attributes for Mojolicious? - easily!

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Authentication

    A plugin to make authentication a bit easier

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Authorization

    A plugin to make authorization a bit easier

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AutoIndex

    Mojolicious plugin for autoindex function at static resource

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AutoParams

    Send captured placeholder values as parameters for routes.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-AutoRoute

    Mojolicious Plugin to create routes automatically

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BasicAuth

    Basic HTTP Auth Helper

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BasicAuthPlus

    Basic HTTP Auth Helper Plus

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Bcrypt

    bcrypt your passwords!

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BindSessionToIP

    Binds your Mojolicious session to IP-address for better security of your application

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BlogSpam

    Check your Comments using BlogSpam

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Bootstrap3

    Mojolicious + http://getbootstrap.com/

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BootstrapAlerts

    Bootstrap alerts for your web app

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BootstrapHelpers

    Type less bootstrap

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BootstrapPagination

    Page Navigator plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-BrowserDetect

    HTTP::BrowserDetect integration for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Browserify

    An Mojolicious plugin for assetpack+browserify

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Bundle

    Collection of mojolicious plugins

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CBOR

    render a CBOR response with Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CGI

    Run CGI script from Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CHI

    Use CHI Caches in Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CORS

    A cheap and easy way to enable CORS requests (cross origin resource sharing) for public APIs; configurability is on the TODO

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CSRFDefender

    Defend CSRF automatically in Mojolicious Application

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CSRFProtect

    Fully protects you from CSRF attacks

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CSSCompressor

    Mojolicious plugin to compress stylesheets

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CSSLoader

    move css loading to the end of the document

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Cache

    Mojolicious plugin for caching

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CacheMoney

    Bling bling

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CachePurge

    Mojolicious Plugin to purge content from front end HTTP cache

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Captcha

    create and validate captcha for Mojolicious framework

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Captcha-reCAPTCHA

    use Captcha::reCAPTCHA in Mojolicious apps

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CaptchaRenderer

    captcha renderer for Mojolicious framework

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ChromeLogger

    Pushes Mojolicious logs, stash, session, config to Google Chrome console

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ConfigHashMerge

    Perlish Configuration, with merging of deeply-nested defaults.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ConfigRoutes

    is a Perl-ish configuration of routes plugin.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ConfigSimple


  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ConsoleLogger

    Console logging in your browser

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-CountryDropDown

    Provide a localizable dropdown where users can select a country

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Crypto

    Provide interface to various cipher algorithms

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DBICAdmin

    Web interface for DBIx::Class Schema/ResultSource/ResultSet

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DBIxTransactionManager

    DBIx::TransactionManager for Mojolicious's plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DBViewer

    Mojolicious plugin to display database information on browser

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DOCRenderer

    Browses online documentation of your Mojolicious application

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DSC

    use DBIx::Simple::Class in your application.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Data-Validate-WithYAML

    validate form input with Data::Validate::WithYAML

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Database

    "proper" handling of DBI based connections in Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DateTime

    Mojolicious plugin to DateTime module integration

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DeCSRF

    Defend from CSRF attacks

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DigestAuth

    HTTP Digest Authentication for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Directory

    Serve static files from document root with directory index

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DirectoryQueue

    Mojolicious 应用使用的内部队列服务, 基本本地文件系统的队列系统 , 为方便做任务应用使用.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Disqus

    Interface with Disqus comments from your Mojolicious app

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Disqus-Tiny

    Mojolicious plugin for integrating Disqus forum

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DomIdHelper

    Mojolicious plugin to generate DOM IDs and CSS class names from your ORM objects

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Dotcloud

    A quick and dirty wrapper around DotCloud::Environment

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-DumpyLog

    Automatically runs Data::Dumper against the last element in the list passed to any ->log->method() if it's a ref.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-EventSource

    A plugin to make it eazy to use EventSource with Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-FeedReader

    Mojolicious plugin to find and parse RSS & Atom feeds

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-FillInFormLite

    Mojolicious plugin to fill in form.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-FontAwesome4

    Mojolicious + http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Form

    abstract forms for Mojolicious and DBIx::Class

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-FormFields

    Lightweight form builder with validation and filtering

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-FormFieldsFromJSON

    create form fields based on a definition in a JSON file

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-FormFieldsFromJSON-Date

    Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-FormValidator

    Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Geo

    Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-GoogleAnalytics

    GoogleAnalytics plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Gravatar

    Globally Recognized Avatars for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-GroupedParams

    grouped params from query.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-HTMLLint

    HTML::Lint support for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-HTMLTemplateProRenderer

    A Mojoliciuos plugin to render templates using HTML::Template::Pro module

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-HTMLTemplateRenderer

    Mojolicious Plugin to render templates with HTML::Template

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-HTTPStatusRenderer

    HTTP status renderer plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-HamlRenderer

    Haml renderer for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-HostMeta

    Serve and Retrieve Host-Meta Documents

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-HttpBasicAuth

    Http-Basic-Authentication implementation for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Human

    Helpers to print values as human readable form.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Humane

    Mojolicious integration for humane.js

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-I18N

    Internationalization Plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-I18NUtils

    provide some helper functions for I18N

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-INIConfig

    Mojolicious Plugin to create routes automatically

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Ident

    Mojolicious plugin to interact with a remote ident service

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-InstallablePaths

    Easy installation configuration for Mojolicious apps

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-JQuery

    Mojolicious + http://jquery.com/

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-JSLoader

    move js loading to the end of the document

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-JSONP

    Render JSONP with transparent fallback to JSON

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-JSONRPC2

    JSON RPC 2.0 over HTTP

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-JSUrlFor

    Mojolicious "url_for" helper for javascript

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-JavaScript-Console

    use the JavaScript console from Mojolicious applications

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-KossyValidator

    根据 Kossy 中的 Validator 移植过来的模块

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Leafletjs

    A Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-LeakTracker

    Helps you track down memory leaks in your code

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Libravatar

    Access the Libravatar API in Mojolicious.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-LinkEmbedder

    Convert a URL to embedded content

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-LinkedContent

    manage linked css and js

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Log-Access

    Plugin for production-tier access logging

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Log-Timestamp

    Plugin for customised log timestamps

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Logf

    Plugin for logging datastructures using sprintf

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Mail

    Mojolicious Plugin for send mail

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MailException

    Mojolicious plugin to send crash information by email

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MarkaplRenderer

    Markapl template plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Mason1Renderer

    Mason 1 (aka HTML::Mason 1.x) Renderer Plugin.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Mason2Renderer

    Mason 2 (aka Mason 2.x) Renderer Plugin.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Memorize

    Memorize part of your Mojolicious template

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Message-Locale

    Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MethodOverride

    Simulate HTTP Verbs

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Mobi

    Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Module

    Mojolicious plugin for modular development.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Mongodb

    Use MongoDB in Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MoreUtilHelpers

    Methods to format, count, sanitize, etc...

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MostTagHelpers

    More tag helpers for your templated and slides

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MountPSGI

    Mount PSGI apps

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MozPersona

    Minimalistic integration of Mozillas "Persona" authentication system in Mojolicious apps

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MultiConfig

    Load multiple configs and merge

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-MySQLViewerLite

    Mojolicious plugin to display MySQL database information on browser

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-NYTProf

    Auto handling of Devel::NYTProf in your Mojolicious app

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-NamespaceForm

    Support foo.0.bar params

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Narada

    Narada configuration plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-NetsPayment

    Make payments using Nets

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Nexmo

    Asynchronous (and synchronous) SMS and TTS (Text To Speech) sending with Nexmo provider.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Notifications

    Event Notifications for your Users

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Nour-Config

    Robustly imports config from a ./config sub-directory loaded with nested YAML files

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Nour-Database

    Adds an easy to use database handle to your mojo app.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Number-Commify

    Plugin for readable numbers

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2

    Authenticate against OAuth2 providers

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-OnFork

    Do Something Whenever a Worker Starts

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PDFRenderer

    Uses wkhtmltopdf via PDF::WebKit to render your app exactly as it looks in Chrome/WebKit but vector scalable and in PDF

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PPI

    Mojolicious Plugin for Rendering Perl Code Using PPI

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ParamExpand

    Use objects and data structures in your forms

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ParamLogger

    Log request parameters

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ParamsAuth

    URL Parameters Auth Helper

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PayPal

    Make payments using PayPal

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PetalTinyRenderer

    Petal::Tiny renderer plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PgAsync

    Mojolicious Plugin for asynchronous operation with PostgreSQL

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Piwik

    Use Piwik in Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PlackMiddleware

    Plack::Middleware inside Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PlainRoutes

    Plaintext route definitions for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ProRenderer

    HTML::Tempate::Pro render plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Prove

    run test scripts via browser

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Proxy

    Proxy requests

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-PubSubHubbub

    Publish and Subscribe with PubSubHubbub

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Qaptcha

    jQuery QapTcha Plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Qooxdoo

    Qooxdoo JSON-RPC support for the Mojolicious Perl framework

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-REST

    Mojolicious Plugin for RESTful operations

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-RESTRoutes

    routing helper for RESTful operations

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Recaptcha

    ReCaptcha plugin for Mojolicious framework

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-RedirectHost

    Redirects requests from mirrors to the main host (useful for SEO)

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Redis

    Use Redis in Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-RelativeUrlFor

    relative links in Mojolicious, really.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-RemoteAddr

    an easy way of getting remote ip address

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-RenderFile

    "render_file" helper for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-RenderSteps

    ASync controllers without the boilerplate

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-RequestBase

    Support setting base in frontend proxy

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Responsinator

    Simulate screen sizes

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Resque

    Mojolicious helper for sending jobs to a Resque queue.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ReverseProxy

    ReverseProxy plugin for the Mojolicious Perl framework

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SMS

    Easy SMS sending from Mojolicious apps

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SQLMaker

    The great new Mojolicious::Plugin::SQLMaker!

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SQLiteViewerLite

    Mojolicious plugin to display SQLite database information on browser

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SassRenderer

    Sass Renderer Plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SaveRequest

    Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SecureCORS

    Complete control over CORS

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SemanticUI

    Semantic UI for your application

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Sentry

    A perl sentry client for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ServerSession

    Perl extension to enable an additional server side session in mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ServerStatus

    show server status like Apache's mod_status

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SessionCompress

    Session serialization and compression plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SessionStore

    session data store plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ShareHelpers

    A Mojolicious Plugin for generate share urls, buttons and meta for Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, VKontakte, MyMailRU and Google Plus

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Shotwell

    View photos from Shotwell database

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SimpleSession

    Exceedingly Simple Mojolicious Sessions

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SimpleSlides

    Create a presentation using Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Sprite

    let you easy introduce and maintain CSS sprites in your web-site.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-SslAuth

    SSL client certificate auth helper

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-StaticCompressor

    Automatic JS/CSS minifier & compressor for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Subdispatch

    create requests to your Mojolicious actions

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Sugar

    Some sweet stuff for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Surveil

    Surveil user actions

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-TagHelpers-MailToChiffre

    Obfuscate Email Addresses in Templates

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-TagHelpers-NoCaching

    Force images, styles, js reloading by the browser if they were modified on filesystem

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-TagHelpers-Pagination

    Pagination Helper for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-TagHelpersI18N

    TagHelpers with I18N support

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Thumbnail

    Use Imager in Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-TimeAgo

    DateTime TimeAgo Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ToolkitRenderer

    Template Toolkit Renderer Mojolicious Plugin

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Toto

    A simple tab and object based site structure

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-TtRenderer

    Template Renderer Plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-TweetButton

    TweetButton plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-UTF8

    Ensures proper UTF8 rendering by forcing all response Content-Type headers to have the "...; charset=utf-8" suffix

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-UnicodeNormalize

    normalize incoming Unicode parameters

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-UrlWith

    Preserve parts of the url

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-UserMessages

    Mojolicious Plugin to manage user message queue(s)

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Util-Callback

    Reverse Helpers for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Util-Endpoint

    Use template URIs in Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Util-RandomString

    Generate Secure Random Strings for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-VHost

    Mojolicious Plugin that adds VirtualHosts

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ValidateMoose

    Can validate using Moose objects

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ValidateTiny

    Lightweight validator for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ViewBuilder

    a Mojolicious plugin that allows to chain templates generated by other plugins

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Vparam

    Mojolicious plugin validator for GET/POST data.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-WWWSession

    Use WWWW::Session with Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Web-Auth

    Authentication plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-WebFinger

    Serve and Retrieve WebFinger Documents

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Webtail

    display tail to your browser

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-Wolowitz

    Mojo I18n with Locale::Wolowitz

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-WriteExcel

    write Excel spreadsheets from Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-XML-Loy

    XML Generation with Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-XRD

    XRD Document Handling with Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-YamlConfig

    YAML Configuration Plugin for Mojolicious

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-YubiVerify

    Verify YubiKey one time passwords.

  • Mojolicious-Plugin-ZombieApocalypse

    Detect Zombie apocalypse


Renee Baecker <reneeb@cpan.org>


This software is Copyright (c) 2014 by Renee Baecker.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)