This handles syncing with the rsync program. It should only be visible from the "parent-package" so no direct user-calls on this.

Test::Smoke::Syncer::Rsync->new( %args )

This crates the new object. Keys for %args:

  * ddir:   destination directory ( ./perl-current )
  * source: the rsync source ( ftp.linux.activestate.com::perl-current )
  * opts:   the options for rsync ( -az --delete )
  * rsync:  the full path to the rsync program ( rsync )
  * v:      verbose


Create the destination directory is it doesn't exist.

$object->sync( )

Do the actual sync using a call to the rsync program.

rsync can also be used as a smart version of copy. If you use a local directory to rsync from, make sure the destination path ends with a path separator! (This does not seem to work for source paths mounted via NFS.)


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