Tickit::OneLineWidget - a widget which occupies only one line


This subclass of Tickit::Widget provides a convenient base for widgets that only want to occupy a single line of the window. It provides the valign accessor to control alignment of the widget's content within the window, and a render method that clears all the unused lines of the window. This class also provides the lines method, returning a constant value of 1.



   $valign = $widget->valign


   $widget->set_valign( $valign )

Accessor for vertical alignment value.

Gives a value in the range from 0.0 to 1.0 to align the content display within the window. If the window is taller than one line, it will be aligned according to this value; with 0.0 at the top, 1.0 at the bottom, and other values inbetween.

See also Tickit::WidgetRole::Alignable


Because this is an abstract class, the constructor must be called on a subclass which implements the following methods.



Called to redraw the widget's content to its window. When invoked, the window cursor will already be in column 0 of the required line of the window, as determined by the valign value.


Paul Evans <>