WWW::Rafb - Perl interface for rafb pasting site ( )


        # create object with the paste information
        my $paste = WWW::Rafb->new( 'language' => 'perl',
                                'nickname' => 'Di42lo',
                                'description' => 'my first script in perl',
                                'tabs' => 'No',
                                'file' => "~/");
        # do the http request ( the paste itself )

        # print the url
        print "You can get $paste->{file} at url: $paste->{URL}\n";


"WWW::Rafb" provides object interface for pasting any text file/source file into the the rafb site with the needed information.

This module requires LWP::UserAgent and use URI::Escape.


        new( [ARGS] )

                Used to set the pasting information about the file and create a new 
                Object of the WWW::Rafb module. 


                language - The file type. One of this types:
                note: you should write the value (in the () ) and not the full name.

                        C89 (c89)
                C99 (c)
                C++ (c++) 
                        C#      (c#)
                        Java (java)
                        Pascal (pascal)
                        Perl (perl)
                        PHP     (php)
                        PL/I (pl/i)
                        Python (python)
                        Ruby (ruby)
                        SQL     (sql)
                        Visual Basic (vb)
                        Plain Text (plain text)
        nickname - the nickname of the script/file publisher
        description' => 'my first script in perl',
        tabs - values: No/2/4/6/8
        file - path of the file we want to upload.

                NOTES:  Returns a blessed object with the information.

                Returns the object with the URL of the file in the 
       site and the other informations.

                No Arguments.



Don't run this script too much times, the site has protection from that. to solve that - sleep(10) between the pastes.


This module was written by Amit Sides <>


Copyright (c) 2006 Amit Sides. All rights reserved.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.