WWW::Webrobot::WebrobotLoad - Run testplans with multiple clients


 use WWW::Webrobot::Ext::XHtml::HTTP::Response;


This module extends the HTTP::Response module.



This method extracts the charset which is encoded in the HTTP header 'content-type' field.

        'content-type' => 'text/plain; charset=utf-8'

yields 'utf-8'. However, the content-type field may be a scalar as in the example above or an array of scalars.

If a content-type is set within the HTTP header and an HTML document you will get an array with two scalars: The first comes from the HTTP header and the second from the document.

This method extract the first content-type which is set.


Returns an XML file

If called with an argument it is interpreted as a boolean method that returns 1 if an xhtml content is set.


HTTP::Response-content> returns a sequence of octets. This method makes it a perl string according to the specified encoding.

See content_charset.


Applies an XPath expression to content_xhtml. The XPath expression builder will be cached, as it is a very slow operation.