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WebService::FindMyiPhone - Perl interface to Apple's Find My iPhone service


  use WebService::FindMyiPhone;
  my $fmiphone = WebService::FindMyiPhone->new(
      username => 'email@address',
      password => 'YaakovLOVE',
  my $iphone = $fmiphone->get_device_by( name => 'mmm cake');
  my $location = $iphone->location();
  $iphone->send_message(1, 'Where did I leave you?');


WebService::FindMyiPhone is a Perl interface to Apple's Find My iPhone service.



Takes named parameters. username & password are required. debug is also available.


Updates the information stored for all devices. This includes location information for each device.

get_devices_field( $field )

Retrieves an array ref of specified field's value for each device.

    my $names = $fmiphone->get_devices_field('name');
    # $names = [ "mmm cake", "soryu2", "mikegrb's ipad" ];

get_devices_field([ @fields ])

Retrieves an array ref array refs of specified fields' value for each device.

    my $info = $fmiphone->get_device_field(
        [qw(name deviceDisplayName deviceClass deviceModel rawDeviceModel)] );
    # $info =  [
    #   [ "mmm cake", "iPhone 5", "iPhone", "SixthGen", "iPhone5,1" ],
    #   [ "soryu2", "MacBook Pro 15"", "MacBookPro", "MacBookPro10_1", "MacBookPro10,1" ],
    #   [ "mikegrb's ipad", "iPad 2", "iPad", "SecondGen", "iPad2,1" ]
    # ]

get_device_by( $field => $value)

WebService::FindMyiPhone::Device object for the first device with $field set to $value.


There are quite a few device fields but the ones you are likely to find most useful for identifying devices are name, deviceModel, deviceDisplayName, rawDeviceModel, modelDisplayName, deviceClass.

name is likely to be the most useful for identifying devices but multiple devices with the same name are possible and only the first found is returned by get_device_by. It seems that Apple returns devices by some order of recentness so if your old iPhone has the same name as the new one, you are likely to get the new one first.


Device objects are stored as a blessed hashref, the _parent key is a reference to the WebService::FindMyiPhone object that created it. The rest of the keys are directly from Apple. You are incouraged to inspect the data there and make use of anything interesting to you.

Device Methods

send_message( $sound, $message, $subject )

Send a message to the device. $sound determines if a sound should be played with the message, a true value will cause a sound even if the phone or iPad is in silent mode. $message is the message to display. $subject is optional and defaults to 'Important Message'.


Lock the device remotely and require $passcode to unlock.


Returns a hashref with location data. Keys include latitude, longitude, horizontalAccuracy, positionType, isInaccurate, isOld , locationType, locationFinished, and timeStamp.

If <locationFinished> is false, the method will sleep 2 seconds, call the parent's update_devices method and check again. It will try up to 3 times and then return what it has.

Possible values for positionType are 'GPS' and 'Wifi'.

timeStamp is epoch time with milliseconds, divide by 1000 for standard time with milliseconds.


Mike Greb <>


Copyright 2013- Mike Greb


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.