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            shk_file => "shortkey_utf8.xml", 
            tmp_file => "mytmp.txt", 
            shk_old => "shortkeys_utf8.xml_old.txt", 
            encoding => "UTF-8", 
            properties => ""

Make a backup of shortkeys_utf8.xml in shortkeys_utf8.xml_old.txt and remove the content of the data elememts in shortkeys_utf8.xml. Other parameters are given in a properties file described below.

Default values

  • for encoding : UTF-8

  • for tmp_file : tmp.txt

  • for properties file name :


Properties file

It's name default to Use the properties = $file_name> to change that.

The file must follow YANL::Tiny::Simple syntax and contain three elements before_start_tag after_start_tag tag_to_keep.

    a: "\n\n"
    d: "\n"
    t: "\n\n"

  dataref: ''
  shortkey: ''
    a: "\n"
    d: "\n"
    t: "\n"
  dataref: ''
  shortkey: ''
  a: 0
  d: 0
  dataref: 1
  f: 1
  hg: 1
  hj: 1
  j: 0
  k: 0
  l: 1
  y: 0
  z: 1

See the files in the example folder: is used clear shorkeys_utf8.xml.

  • before_start_tag after_start_tag

    contains the sub elements data dataref shortkey. The data element enumerates, using the k attribute, the element's start tag that are preceded (before_start_tag or followed after_start_tag by line break(s).

  • tag_to_keep

    Enumerate the data element using the value of the k attribute that you want to clear attribute:0 or keep unchanged attribute:1. dataref is also listed.


Any questions or problems can be posted to me (rappazf) on my gmail account.

The current state of the source can be extract using Mercurial from


François Rappaz <>


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.