XML::Filter::Dispatcher::Parser - Parses the XPath subset used by ...::Dispatcher


   use XML::Filter::Dispatcher::Parser;

   my $result = XML::Filter::Dispatcher::Parser->parse( $xpath );


Some notes on the parsing and evaluation:

  • Result Objects

    The result expressions alway return true or false. For XPath expressions that would normally return a node-set, the result is true if the current SAX event would build a node that would be in the node set. No floating point or string return objects are supported (this may change).

  • Context

    The XPath context node is the document root (theoretically; in reality there is none). The variables are the Dispatcher's data members, and the function library is XXX.

    Not sure what to do about the context position, but the context size is of necessity undefined.

    The namespace mapping will be added in when I grok the NamespaceHelper.