version 1.11.3 Yahoo::Search::XML -- Simple routines for parsing XML from Yahoo! Search. (This package is included in, and automatically loaded by, the Yahoo::Search package.)


The XML sent back from Yahoo! is fairly simple, and is guaranteed to be well formed, so we really don't need much more than to make the data easily available. I'd like to use XML::Simple, but it uses XML::Parser, which suffers from crippling memory leaks (in one test, 36k was lost with each parsing of a 7k xml file), so I've rolled my own simple version that might be called, uh, XML::SuperDuperSimple.

The end result is identical to what XML::Simple would produce, at least for the XML the Yahoo! sends back. It may well be useful for other things that use a similarly small subset of XML notation.

This package is also much faster than XML::Simple / XML::Parser, producing the same output 41 times faster, in my tests. That's the benefit of not having to handle everything, I guess.


Jeffrey Friedl Kyoto, Japan Feb 2005