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AI::Pathfinding::OptimizeMultiple - optimize path finding searches for a large set of initial conditions (for better average performance).


version 0.0.15


    use AI::Pathfinding::OptimizeMultiple

    my @scans =
            name => "first_search"
            name => "second_search",
            name => "third_search",

    my $obj = AI::Pathfinding::OptimizeMultiple->new(
            scans => \@scans,
            num_boards => 32_000,
            optimize_for => 'speed',
            scans_iters_pdls =>
                first_search => $first_search_pdl,
                second_search => $second_search_pdl,
            quotas => [400, 300, 200],
            selected_scans =>
                    id => 'first_search',
                    cmd_line => "--preset first_search",
                    id => 'second_search',
                    cmd_line => "--preset second_search",
                    id => 'third_search',
                    cmd_line => "--preset third_search",


    foreach my $scan_alloc (@{$self->chosen_scans()})
        printf "Run %s for %d iterations.\n",
            $scans[$scan_alloc->scan_idx], $scan_alloc->iters;


This CPAN distribution implements the algorithm described here:

Given statistics on the performance of several game AI searches (or scans) across a representative number of initial cases, find a scan that solves most deals with close-to-optimal performance, by using switch tasking.


version 0.0.15


my $chosen_scans_array_ref = $self->chosen_scans()

Returns the scans that have been chosen to perform the iteration. Each one is a AI::Pathfinding::OptimizeMultiple::ScanRun object.


Calculates the meta-scan after initialisation. See here for the details of the algorithm:


This function calculates the flares meta-scan: i.e: assuming that all atomic scans are run one after the other and the shortest solutions of all successful scans are being picked.


Calculates the iterations of the board $board_idx in all the scans.

Returns a hash_ref containing the key 'per_scan_iters' for the iterations per scan, and 'board_iters' for the total board iterations when ran in the scans.

my $status = $calc_meta_scan->get_final_status()

Returns the status as string:

  • "solved_all"

  • "iterating"

  • "out_of_quotas"

my $sim_results_obj = $calc_meta_scan->simulate_board($board_idx, $args)

Simulates the board No $board_idx through the scan. Returns a AI::Pathfinding::OptimizeMultiple::SimulationResults object.

$args is an optional hash reference. It may contain a value with the key of 'chosen_scans' that may specify an alternative scans to traverse.

my $n = $calc_meta_scan->get_total_iters()

Returns the total iterations count so far.


Moo leftover. INTERNAL USE.



Shlomi Fish, .


popl from Freenode's #perl for trying to dig some references to an existing algorithm in the scientific literature.


Shlomi Fish <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by Shlomi Fish.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The MIT (X11) License


Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website

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You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

  perldoc AI::Pathfinding::OptimizeMultiple


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