Laurent Dami
and 1 contributors


Alien::GvaScript::ChoiceList - Dropdown list of choices with navigation


  var choiceList = new GvaScript.ChoiceList(["foo", "bar", "buz"]);


Displays a list of "choices", handles navigation in those choices, and generates events when a choice is highlighted, then selected, or when the list display is cancelled.

At any moment the choiceList is bound to maximum one "container", and highlights exactly one choice in the list.


Once a choice list is displayed, the user can move the mouse over the list, thus highlighting various choices; then click on the highlighted choice to select it. Alternatively, the user can navigate the list with keys DOWN, UP, HOME, END, and then use either RETURN (for selecting) or ESCAPE (for cancelling).


  var choiceList = new GvaScript.ChoiceList(choices, options);


The choice list must be an array. Each item in the list is either

a plain string

this string will be displayed in the choice list

an inline object

this object is supposed to have a label property, which will be displayed in the choice list. Actually, this is the default name for the property; it can be changed in the constructor options.

The label property may contain rich HTML, i.e. including formatting tags.


The options to construct an choiceList object are :


Name of the field that contains the HTML to display (default is label).


Prefix that will be used to generate ids for choice elements in the generated HTML. The default is CL_choice, so choice elements will have ids CL_choice.0, CL_choice.1, etc.


If defined, the choiceList will add rules to the supplied keymap, instead of creating a new one.


How many items to skip when hitting the PAGE_UP or PAGE_DOWN keys. Default is 5


Boolean indicating whether the choices would be selected/deselected with the mouseover event. Default is true


Classes that will be assigned to choice elements in the generated HTML. Possible classes are choiceItem (default value CL_choiceItem) and choiceHighlight (default value CL_highlight).


Callback function for generating HTML for the choiceList. This function is called with some pre-built HTML containing all current choices; the wrapper has a chance to modify that HTML for example for adding classes, borders or table headers. Default is the identity function.


HTML tag name for generating a choice entry in the choice list. Default is "div". Set it to "tr" if you want the choice list to be displayed as a table (but then you also have to open and close the table within the htmlWrapper callback).




This method removes all handlers attached to different events on the choice list container. Call this method when the choice list container is removed from the DOM.



This method generates HTML from the choice list, and inserts it in the innerHTML of the supplied container; furthermore, it registers a keymap on that container in order to manage navigation from keyboard (DOWN, UP, etc.).



This event is triggered when a choice in the list is highlighted. The event handler may use event.index to know the index of the highlighted choice.


This event is triggered when a choice in the list is "ping-ed", i.e. either by clicking or by pressing the RETURN key. Usually this means "select", but it is up to the event handler to decide how to interpret the event. The event handler may use event.index to know the index of the ping-ed choice.


This event is triggered when the user presses the ESCAPE key.