NAME - HTML to Alvis XML converter

SYNOPSIS [options] [source directory ...]


    --ainodump-ext       ainodump file identifying filename extension
    --out-dir            output directory
    --N-per-out-dir      # of records per output directory
    --[no]original       include original document?
    --help               brief help message
    --man                full documentation
    --[no]warnings       warnings output flag


    Sets the ainodump file identifying filename extension. 
    Default value: 'ainodump'.
    Sets the output directory. Default value: '.'.
    Sets the # of records per output directory. Default value: 1000.
    Shall the original document be included in the output? Default
    value: yes.
    Prints a brief help message and exits.
    Prints the manual page and exits.
    Output (or suppress) warnings. Default value: yes.


    Goes recursively through the files under the source directory
    and converts them to Alvis XML files.