NAME - adds relevance scores for categories 
                                  to an Alvis version of a Wikipedia dump

SYNOPSIS [options] [Alvis XML root directory]


    --out-dir                      output directory
    --alvis-suffix                 the suffix of Alvis XML source files
    --dump-file                    category graph dump file
    --score-type                   name of the score type added
    --method                       category picking method
    --category-list-file           file containing (prepicked) categories     
    --help                         brief help message
    --man                          full documentation
    --[no]warnings                 warnings output flag


    Sets the output directory. Default value: '.'.
    The suffix of the source Alvis XML files. Default: 'alvis'.
    The loadable (in Storable format) category graph dump file.
    Default: 'CatGraph.Storable'.
    The name of the new score type to be added to the Alvis XML
    files. Default: 'wikipedia Fundamental two top levels'.
    The method of determining the categories whose relevance to add.
    Choices: '2toplevels' (two top levels starting from the root). 
    Prints a brief help message and exits.
    Prints the manual page and exits.
    Output (or suppress) warnings. Default value: yes.


    Converts the articles in the Wikipedia XML dump to Alvis records.