Apache::Auth::AuthMemCookie - Authenticate using a memcache stored session

Module Usage

      This module is used to take the place of Apache2 authmemcookie primarily for the use
      of integration with simpleSAMLphp L<http://rnd.feide.no/simplesamlphp> .
        Alias /simplesaml /home/piers/git/public/simplesamlphp/www
        perlModule Apache::Auth::AuthMemCookie
        ErrorDocument 401 "/simplesaml/authmemcookie.php"
        PerlRequire /path/to/authmemcookie/tools/startup.pl
        perlModule Apache::Auth::AuthMemCookie
        # Prompt for authentication:
        <Location /location_to_protect>
            AuthType Cookie
            AuthName "My Service"
            Require valid-user
            PerlAuthenHandler Apache::Auth::AuthMemCookie::authen_handler
            PerlSetVar AuthMemCookie "AuthMemCookie"
            PerlSetVar AuthMemServers ", /var/sock/memcached"
            PerlSetVar AuthMemAttrsInHeaders 1 # if you want to set headers instead of ENV vars
            PerlSetVar AuthMemDebug 1 # if you want to debug