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get_content %args

This is a helper routine for use in SD commands to enable getting records in different ways such as from a file, on the commandline, or from an editor. Returns the record content.

Valid keys in %args are type => str, default_edit => bool, and prefill_props => $props_hash_ref, props_order => $order_array_ref, footer => str, header => str.

Specifying props with prefill_props allows you to present lists of key/value pairs (with possible default values) for a user to fill in. If you need a specific ordering of props, specify it with props_order. Specifying header and/or footer allows you to print some optional text before and/or after the list of props.

Note that you will have to post-process $content from the routine calling get_content in order to extract the keys and values from the returned text.