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add_comment content => str, uuid => str

A convenience method that takes a content string and a ticket uuid and creates a new comment record, for use in other commands (such as ticket create and ticket update).


A string of text that goes in the comment denoting the beginning of immutable ticket metadata in a string representing a ticket.

Immutable ticket metadata includes things such as ticket id and creation date that are useful to display to the user when editing a ticket but are automatically assigned by sd and are not intended to be changed manually.

create_record_template [ RECORD ]

Creates a string representing a new record, prefilling default props and props specified on the command line. Intended to be presented to the user for editing using Prophet::CLI::TextEditorCommand-try_to_edit> and then parsed using "parse_record_template".

If RECORD is given, then we are updating that record rather than creating a new one, and the ticket string will be created from its props rather than prop defaults.

parse_record_template $str

Takes a string containing a ticket record consisting of prop: value pairs followed by a separator, followed by an optional comment.

Returns a list of (hashref of prop => value pairs, string contents of comment) with props with false values filtered out.