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Returns a string of the default value of the status prop.


Returns a string of the default value of the reporter prop. (Currently, this is the config variable email_address or the environmental variable EMAIL.)


resolved is called closed.


The default ticket summary format (used for displaying tickets in a list, generally).

validate_prop_status { props = $hashref, errors = $hashref }

Determines whether the status prop value given in $args{props}{status} is valid.

Returns true if the status is valid. If the status is invalid, sets $args{errors}{status} to an error message and returns false.

props_to_show { 'verbose' => 1, update => 0 }

A list of which properties to display for the show command (in order from first to last).

If called with 'verbose' as a true value, will return all the declared props of a ticket rather than the predefined list of ones to show. (Should not be called this way during a ticket create as new tickets have no declared properties.)

If called with 'update' as a true value, props in the prop ordering setting will still be returned in the list even if the record doesn't have that property. (Because we often want to not show blank properties, but still have the option of adding them in an update.)

_create_prop_ordering hash_to_order => $hashref, order => $arrayref [, update => 1 ]

Given references to a hash and an array, return an array of the keys of the hash in the order specified by the array, with any extra keys at the end of the ordering.

If called with update as a true value, will add keys in the ordering to the returned order even if they're not in the hash.


A pattern of props not to show in an editor (when creating or updating a ticket, for example). Could also be used to determine which props shouldn't be user-modifiable.

is_overdue [$date]

Takes an ISO date (or uses the date prop value if no date is given).

Returns false if the date is not a valid ISO date or its due date is in the future. Returns true if the due date has passed.