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local-lib-helper - A commandline utility that builds local-lib helper scripts




Although the primary purpose of this distribution is to make it trivial to use a given local::lib you may, as part of a custom build or deployment system, need an easy way to programmatically create the helper scripts for either an activated or precreated local::lib. This script makes that easy. If you are already in a local::lib managed environment this script will detect that fact and automatically install the helpers into the bin directory of that local::lib. If there is not a currently activated local::lib, you can still install the helpers as long as you've already created a local::lib in the past (say via the self bootstrap method outlined in the documention, or when you specified a -l option with App::cpanminus). In that case since we can't auto detect the location of the local::lib you need to use the target option, which should be the root directory of the local::lib (which is the directory that contains the bin and lib directories of the local::lib you previously created).


This script has the following options, which can also be veiwed in summary by typing local-lib-helper --help.

help (--help, -h)

A summary of the help options.

which_perl (--which_perl, -p)

This should be the path to the perl binary that the local::lib is built against. This defaults to the path of the perl binary under which we are currently running. You should probably leave this one alone :)

target (--target, -t)

This is the target directory for the local::lib you want to build the helper script against. By default it will attempt to detect the currently running local::lib and use that. If we can't detect a running local::lib and this option is undef, we die with a message.

helper_name (--helper_name, -n)

This is the name of the helper utility script. It defaults to 'localenv'.

helper_permissions (--helper_permissions, -p)

These are the permissions the the helper utility script is set to. By default we set the equivilent of 'chmod 755 [HELPER SCRIPT]'

App::local::lib::helper, App::local::lib::helper::rationale


John Napiorkowski <<jjnapiork@cpan.org> >


Copyright 2010, John Napiorkowski

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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