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Return the length of String cell. If Boolean term_adjust is true, ignore terminal sequences in cell.


Return a list of strings with embedded newlines (\n) as a compact set of columns arranged horizontally or vertically.

For example, for a line width of 4 characters (arranged vertically):

     ['1', '2,', '3', '4'] => '1  3\n2  4\n'

or arranged horizontally:

     ['1', '2,', '3', '4'] => '1  2\n3  4\n'

Each column is only as wide possible, no larger than $opts-{displaywidth}>. If arefis not an array reference, the empty string, '', is returned. By default, columns are separated by two spaces - one was not legible enough. Set $opts-{colsep}> to adjust the string separate columns. If $opts-{arrange_vertical} is set false, consecutive items will go across, left to right, top to bottom.