buildcc - build an executable with shared modules from a perl script


    buildcc -o hello  # pass thru perlcc
    buildcc -m          # detects dependencies for, write them to app.mak,
                               # and compile all into shared modules and app
    buildcc -l -m       # use local ~/.perl5/pcc/ path
    buildcc -l=~/pcc -m # use local ~/pcc/ path


buildcc is a perlcc -m frontend to detect and maintain perlcc compiled perl modules as compiled shared libraries. It creates a .mak file for the compiled script with all dependencies.

-l uses a local path for all compiled shared modules. Otherwise it checks if 'sitearch'/pcc/ is writable and puts/searches the modules there if so.

All other options are passed thru to perlcc verbatim.



Create a .mak for the module depencencies, and create the target.

-l [path]

Use the given local path as prefix for the created shared modules.