notify-by-bugzilla-enqueue - drop notice of a nagios alarm to a queue directory


    notify-by-bugzilla-enqueue -f HOSTNAME=foo.syd \
                               -f NOTIFICATIONTYPE=[PROBLEM,RECOVERY,etc.] \
                               -f SERVICEDESC="service name" \
                               -f SERVICEOUTPUT="message" \
                               -f HOSTNOTIFICATIONID=1234 \
                               -f SERVICENOTIFICATIONID=1234 \

    -f FIELD, --field=FIELD         Any variable in form of key=value
    --command-file                  Should be Nagios $COMMANDFILE$
    --queue-dir                     Directory where notices should saved in
    --help                          Display this help message


This script drops a notice in a queue that should be serviced by a cron job. The details are saved in the file in form of key=value where no newline or '=' character is allowed in key or value string.