Philip Crow
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If your controller needs to use a Gantry plugin, add a plugins statement. But, note that there is also a plugins statement in the Bigtop config section. Use the one there to add default plugins for all controllers in the application. Use the controller level version to affect only one controller.

Note that if you have a global plugins statement in the bigtop config block, using a controller level plugins statement replaces the plugin list for the controller, so repeat any globals you still need.

All plugins must live in the Gantry::Plugins:: namespace, use only the remainder of the module's package name in the plugins statement. For example, to use the AuthCookie plugin, say:

    plugins AuthCookie;

The Control Gantry backend will prepend the Gantry plugin namespace.

plugins statements only affect GEN modules, not stubs.


Build the example with:

    bigtop -c example.bigtop all

Look for AuthCookie in lib/Kids/GEN/ Also notice the PluginNamespace and the namespace method.