Chris Mungall


SYNOPSIS sample/CG10833.chado-xml -x sample/


Converts Chado-XML to Chaos-XML

Note that there are different "flavours" of Chado-XML. This includes both macro-ified and un-macroified flavours. This script will handle both

As a first step, this script will expand all macros in the the input file to their full expanded form. This step has no effect if the macros are already expanded.

As a second step, the expanded chado-xml is converted to chaos-xml

Both steps happen via the use of XSL Stylesheet Transforms



The input chado xml file has no macros; do not call macro-expansion step

You do not need to use this option, but performance may be faster if you omit the expansion step if it is not required

You need an XSLT Processor, such as xsltproc, available as part of libxslt

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