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WormBase::Archive::Build - Create archives of Wormbase releases


 use Bio::GMOD::Admin::Archive;
 my $archive = Bio::GMOD::Admin::Archive->new();




Create a new WormBase::Archive object for archiving WormBase releases.

The options consist largely of file system and remote paths. If none are provided, they will all be populated from the default file located on the primary WormBase server. This is the recommended idiom as it insulates your programs from structural changes at WormBase. In this case, archives will be built in /pub/wormbase/RELEASE where RELEASE is a WSXXX release.

There are, however, at least two options that you will wish to provide:

  --database_repository  Full path where to store archives on your filesystem
  --mysql_path           Full path to the mysql data dir

See for additional details on all system-dependent paths that can be overridden.


Creating an archive of a release is as easy as

  my $result = $archive->create_archive();

Read on for full details about how this works.



Build tarballs of WormBase releases. Available options are:

  -components  Which packages to create (see below)
  -release  WSXXX release version (default is the current release)
  -rebuild  Pass a boolean true to force rebuilding of a package that
            has already been built.

The --components option accepts an array reference of which packages

to create.

Available components are: acedb the acedb database for the current release elegans_gff the C. elegans GFF database briggsae_gff the C. briggsae GFF database blast the blast and blat databases

If --components is not specified, all of the above will be packaged.

_package_acedb _package_elegans_gff _package_briggsae_gff _package_blast_blat

Subroutines that handle packaging of each of the individual components.


None reported.



Todd W. Harris <>.

Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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