Arlin Stoltzfus

NAME - translate a tree in DND or phylip format into NEXUS TREES block

SYNOPSIS [options] <infile>


Output the tree in <infile> in NEXUS format. This is currently implemented outside the NEXUS package. It should be re-implemented with NEXUS objects and with the capacity to output a TAXA block using the OTU list from TreesBlock->get_OTUlist. But some changes need to be made to the NEXUS package first.


-f, --format

The format of the input file. Not implemented.

-t, --treename

The name to be assigned to this tree in a NEXUS TREES block.

-h, --help

Print a brief help message and exits.


Print the manual page and exits.

-V, --version

Print the version information and exit.


$Id:,v 1.4 2010/09/22 19:59:57 astoltzfus Exp $


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