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symlink_script.pl - install script to create symbolic links


  perl Build.pl
  ./Build install


Used during "./Build install". Only works if the script installation directory used during "perl Build.pl" matches that used for the actual installation during "./Build install". So if you install to a special place, do

  perl Build.pl --install_base /home/me
  ./Build install


  perl Build.pl
  ./Build install --install_base /home/me

This script will create a symlink to a script in that same directory. It was written to create a symlink with the name 'bp_pg_bulk_load_gff.pl' that targeted 'bp_bulk_load_gff.pl' but can be extended by adding files to the %symlink_scripts hash.

Perl function 'symlink' is used to keep the script from crashing on systems that don't allow symbolic linking.



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AUTHOR - Sendu Bala

Email bix@sendu.me.uk