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Author image Michael Graham

This script allows you to run the test suite against old versions of prerequisite modules, or absent prerequisites.

It is able to simulate the absense of a particular set of Perl modules, even if they are installed on your system.

To run the test suite multiple times in a row, each tie multiple times (each with a different selection of absent modules), run:

    $ perl misc/prove_prereqs.pl t/*.t

To add a new set of absent modules, make a subdir under t/skip_lib, and add a dummy perl module for every module you want to skip. This file should be empty. For instance if you wanted to simulate the absense of Text::Template and Text::TagTemplate, you would do the following:

    $ mkdir t/prereq_scenarios/old_autorunmode
    $ mkdir t/prereq_scenarios/old_cgiapp

Finally, add this directory to the @Scenarios array below.