Bundle::CGI::Builder::Complete - A bundle to install the complete CGI::Builder framework.


    perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::CGI::Builder::Complete'


HTML::Tagset - used by HTML::Parser

HTML::Parser - used by HTML::FillInForm and HTML::TableTiler

HTML::TableTiler - used by Template::Magic::HTML

HTML::FillInForm - used by Template::Magic::HTML

Class::constr - used by Template::Magic::Zone

Class::props - used by Template::Magic::Zone

Class::groups - used by Template::Magic::Zone

Object::groups - used by Template::Magic::Zone

Object::props - used by Template::Magic::Zone

IO::Util - used by Template::Magic

File::Spec - used by Template::Magic

CGI::Builder - main distribution

CGI::Builder::CgiAppAPI - cgiapp compatible API

Apache::CGI::Builder - Apache/mod_perl integration

CGI::Builder::Auth - Authentication and authorization

Template::Magic - used by CGI::Builder::Magic

CGI::Builder::Magic - Template::Magic integration

Data::FormValidator - used by CGI::Builder::DFVCheck

CGI::Builder::DFVCheck - Data::FormValidator integration

HTML::Template - used by CGI::Builder::HTMLtmpl

CGI::Builder::HTMLtmpl - HTML::Template integration

CGI::Session - used by CGI::Builder::Session

CGI::Builder::Session - CGI::Session integration


This bundle gathers together all the modules plus all related prerequisites for the CGI::Builder framework. Please, notice that the Bundle will install A LOT of modules that you might not need, so use it specially if you want to extensively try the CBF.

Note: A Bundle is a module that simply defines a collection of other modules. It is used by the CPAN module to automate the fetching, building and installing of modules from the CPAN ftp archive sites.


© 2004 by Domizio Demichelis (

All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as perl itself.

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