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idl2html - Generates HTML documentation from IDL source files.


idl2html [options] spec.idl


All options are forwarded to C preprocessor, except -f -h -i -o -s -t -v -x.

With the GNU C Compatible Compiler Processor, useful options are :

-D name
-D name=definition
-I directory

Specific options :


Enable the frameset mode.


Display help.

-i directory

Specify a path for import (only for version 3.0).

-o file

Specificy the outfile for HTML Help (default "htmlhelp").

-s style

Generate an external Cascading Style Sheet file.

-t title

Specificy the title of HTML Help.


Display version.


Enable export (only for version 3.0).


idl2html parses the declarations and doc comments in a IDL source file and formats these into a set of HTML pages. idl2html generates some helper files for HTML Help compiler.

idl2html works like javadoc.

Within doc comments, idl2html supports the use of special doc tags to augment the documentation. idl2html also supports standard HTML within doc comments. This is useful for formatting text.

idl2html reformats and displays declaration for:

Modules, interfaces and value types
Operations (with parameters) and attributes
Types (typedef, enum, struct, union with members)
Exceptions (with members)
Pragma (ID, version as tag)

Doc Comments

IDL source files can include doc comments. Doc comments begin with /** and indicate text to be included automatically in generated documentation.

Doc comments immediately preceed the entity being documented.

Single line comments beginning with /// are also included.

Standard HTML

You can embed standard HTML tags within a doc comment. However, don't use tags heading tags like <h1> or <hr>. idl2html creates an entire structured document and these structural tags interfere with formatting of the generated document.

idl2html Tags

idl2html parses special tags that are recognized when they are embedded within an IDL doc comment. These doc tags enable you to autogenerate a complete, well-formatted document from your source code. The tags start with an @.

Tags must start at the beginning of a line.


idl2html needs a cpp executable or CL.EXE for Microsoft Windows.

CORBA Specifications, including IDL (Interface Definition Language) are available on <>.


cpp, javadoc


(c) 2001-2007 Francois PERRAD, France. All rights reserved.

This program and all CORBA::HTML modules are distributed under the terms of the Artistic Licence.


Francois PERRAD,