cvs_tklog - Extract from cvs log


cvs_tklog [-f file.log] [-o dir] [-t title] [-s] [-D] [-H] [-S yyyy/mm/dd]



Mode off-line.


Display Usage.


Output directory.


use an extern style sheet (cvs_tklog.css).


Specify the main title.


Display Version.


suppress 'dead' files in tree.


append HEAD as a tag.


Specify the start date (yyyy/mm/dd).


cvs_tklog parses cvs log and produces selected HTML reports.

The Tk GUI allows to select a directory and a couple of from/to tags.

Each report is composed of three parts :

- activity and energy plots

- an evolution summary : numbers of added/modified/deleted files for each directory

- an detailed report : all informations about CVS commit, sorted first by directory, after grouped by message and sorted by date.

This tool needs Tk, File::Which, GD, Chart::Plot::Canvas, HTML::Template and Parse::RecDescent modules.

Configuration file (.cvs_metrics)

If present, cvs_tklog reads the configuration file .cvs_metrics in the current directory. The file could contains the following variables :

 $title = "main";

 $regex_tag = '^V\d+';

 $flg_head = 1;     # or 0

 $flg_dead = 1;     # or 0

 $start_date = "2006/01/01";


cvs_activity, cvs_energy, cvs_wxlog, cvs_current


(c) 2003-2010 Francois PERRAD, France. All rights reserved.

This library is distributed under the terms of the Artistic Licence.


Francois PERRAD,