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  # to create a Catalyst::Model::Jifty::DBI class
  script/ model ModelName Jifty::DBI

  # or, if you really want to hard-code your configuration
  script/ model ModelName Jifty::DBI Schema::Base database test.db ...

  # to create a JDBI::Record/Collection classes under the Model
  script/ model ModelName::RecordName Jifty::DBI


Current version of Catalyst::(Helper::)Model::Jifty::DBI was once called Catalyst::(Helper::)Model::JDBI::Schemas, which then replaced the original version written by Marcus Ramberg, by the request of Matt S. Trout (Catalyst Core team) to avoid future confusion. I wonder if anyone used the previous one, but note that APIs have been revamped and backward incompatible since 0.03.


This helper helps you to create a C::M::Jifty::DBI Model class, and optionally, Jifty::DBI::Record/Collection classes under the Model.

Model class will be created when you run it for the first time. Specify your CatalystApp::Model::Name's basename ("Name" for this case), then, this helper's name (Jifty::DBI).

If you really want to specify schema_base for the model (which is equal to the Model class by default), append that Schema::Base::Name, and the key/value pairs of connect_info hash, too. However, I recommend to use ConfigLoader to avoid hard-coded configuration.

When you set up a Model class, you can create Record/Collection classes. Specify ModelName::RecordName (or Schema::Base::Name), and helper's name. Note that Collection class is created automatically. You don't need to (actually, you shouldn't) specify Collection class name, which is confusing.



creates actual Model/Record/Collection classes.


Kenichi Ishigaki, <>


Copyright (C) 2007 by Kenichi Ishigaki.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.