Terrence Brannon


Chess::Mbox - write mbox files with chess games into them onto disk


 use Chess::Mbox;

 sub post_op {
    my @can = <*.can.pgn>;
    my @pgn = grep { $_ !~ /can.pgn/ } <*.pgn>;
    my $pgn = shift @pgn;
    warn "PGN: $pgn CAN: @can";
   system "/Users/metaperl/bin/annotate.pl $pgn" unless @can;

 $M = '/Users/metaperl/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Chess/Games.mbox/mbox';
 $O = '/Users/metaperl/Documents/Chess/games/tmp';
 Chess::Mbox->Parse (mbox => $M, output_dir => $O, post_op => \&post_op);


This was a script lying on my disk that I thought would be useful to others. It simply takes a Unix mbox file and assumes each message is a chess game and writes to a directory with first directory == white and directory below that == black and the file name == date + time of match... after all you will have many rematches with a certain person. :)

It also will run a post_op subroutine to do something with each


None by default.


T. M. Brannon <tbone@cpan.org>