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tags. And I regenerated the README The main reason for this release is that the MANIFEST in the 2.17 version was missing one of the new test suite files, and that is included in this re-release.

Revision 2.17 2001/03/21 21:05:12 wadg Documentation edits

Revision 2.16 2001/03/21 19:59:09 wadg 410327 -default not in original; 233255 substring parameters

Revision 2.15 2001/01/30 11:46:48 rbowen Very minor documentation bug fixed.

Revision 2.14 2001/01/08 18:02:32 wadg [Bug #127325] Fixed proken import; changelog; moved

Revision 2.13 2000/12/18 07:14:41 wadg [Bugs# 122441,122437] Alien EOLs and OO delete method

Revision 2.12 2000/12/18 04:59:37 wadg [Bug #125524] Writing multiline of 2 with tied hash

Revision 2.11 2000/12/16 12:53:13 grail [BUG #122455] Problem with File Permissions

Revision 2.10 2000/12/13 17:40:18 rbowen Updated version number so that CPAN will stop being angry with us.

Revision 1.18 2000/12/08 00:45:35 grail Change as requested by Jeremy Wadsack, for Bug 123146

Revision 1.17 2000/12/07 15:32:36 grail Further patch to duplicate sections bug, and replacement of repeated values handling code.

Revision 1.14 2000/11/29 11:26:03 grail Updates for task 22401 (no more reloadsig) and 22402 (Group and GroupMember doco)

Revision 1.13 2000/11/28 12:41:42 grail Added test for being able to add sections with wierd names like section|version2

Revision 1.11 2000/11/24 21:20:11 rbowen Resolved SourceForge bug #122445 - a parameter should be split from its value on the first = sign encountered, not on the last one. Added test suite to test this, and put test case in test.ini

Revision 1.10 2000/11/24 20:40:58 rbowen Updated MANIFEST to have file list of new files in t/ Updated IniFiles.pm to have mention of sourceforge addresses, rather than rcbowen.com addresses Regenerated README from IniFiles.pm

Revision 1.9 2000/11/23 05:08:08 grail Fixed documentation for bug 122443 - Check that INI files can be created from scratch.

Revision 2000/11/10 03:04:01 rbowen Initial checkin of the Config::IniFiles source to SourceForge

Revision 1.8 2000/10/17 01:52:55 rbowen Patch from Jeremy. Fixed "defined" warnings.

Revision 1.7 2000/09/21 11:19:17 rbowen Mostly documentation changes. I moved the change log into the POD rather than having it in a separate Changes file. This allows people to see the changes in the Readme before they download the module. Now I just need to make sure I remember to regenerate the Readme every time I do a commit.

1.6 September 19, 2000 by JW, AS * Applied several patches submitted to me by Jeremy and Alex. * Changed version number to the CVS version number, so that I won't have to think about changing it ever again. Big version change should not be taken as a huge leap forward.

0.12 September 13, 2000 by JW/WADG * Added documentation to clarify autovivification issues when creating new sections * Fixed version number (Oops!)

0.11 September 13, 2000 by JW/WADG * Applied patch to Group and GroupMembers functions to return empty list when no groups are present (submitted by John Bass, Sep 13)

0.10 September 13, 2000 by JW/WADG * Fixed reference in POD to ReWriteFile. changes to RewriteConfig * Applied patch for failed open bug submitted by Mordechai T. Abzug Aug 18 * Doc'd behavior of failed open * Removed planned SIG testing from test.pl as SIGs have been removed * Applied patch from Thibault Deflers to fix bug in parameter list when a parameter value is undef

0.09 Hey! Where's the change log for 0.09?

0.08 2000-07-30 Adrian Phillips <adrianp@powertech.no>

* test.pl: Fixed some tests which use $\, and made those that try to check a non existant val check against ! defined.

* IniFiles.pm: hopefully fixed use of $\ when this is unset (problems found when running tests with -w). Similar problem with $/ which can be undefined and trying to return a val which does not exist. Modified val docs section to indicate a undef return when this occurs.

0.07 Looks like we missed a change log for 0.07. Bummer.

0.06 Sun Jun 25, 2000 by Daniel Winkelmann * Patch for uninitialized value bug in newval and setval

0.05 Sun Jun 18, 2000 by RBOW * Added something to shut up -w on VERSIONS * Removed unused variables

0.04 Thu Jun 15 - Fri Jun 16, 2000 by JW/WADG * Added support for -import option on ->new * Added support for tying a hash * Edited POD for grammer, clarity and updates * Updated test.pl file * Fixed bug in multiline/single line output * Fixed bug in default handling with tie interface * Added bugs to test.pl for regression * Fixed bug in {group} vs. {groups} property (first is valid) * Fixed return value for empty {sects} or {parms}{$sect} in Sections and Parameters methods

0.03 Thu Jun 15, 2000 by RBOW * Modifications to permit 'use strict', and to get 'make test' working again.

0.02 Tue Jun 13, 2000 by RBOW * Fixed bug reported by Bernie Cosell - Sections, Parameters, and GroupMembers return undef if there are no sections, parameters, or group members. These functions now return () if the particular value is undefined. * Added some contributed documentation, from Alex Satrapa, explaining how the internal data structure works. * Set up a project on SourceForge. (Not a change, but worth noting). * Added Groups method to return a list of section groups.

0.01 Mon Jun 12, 2000 by RBOW Some general code cleanup, in preparation for changes to come. Put up Majordomo mailing list and sent invitation to various people to join it.

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