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Config::Model::models::LCDd::server - Configuration class LCDd::server


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

generated from LCDd.conf



If set to no, LCDd will start with screen rotation disabled. This has the same effect as if the ToggleRotateKey had been pressed. Rotation will start if the ToggleRotateKey is pressed. Note that this setting does not turn off priority sorting of screens. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: 'on'.


Set master backlight setting. If set to 'open' a client may control the backlight for its own screens (only). Optional. Type enum. choice: 'off', 'open', 'on'. upstream_default: 'open'.


Tells the driver to bind to the given interface. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: ''.


Tells the server to load the given drivers. Multiple lines can be given. The name of the driver is case sensitive and determines the section where to look for further configuration options of the specific driver as well as the name of the dynamic driver module to load at runtime. The latter one can be changed by giving a File= directive in the driver specific section.

The following drivers are supported: bayrad, CFontz, CFontzPacket, curses, CwLnx, ea65, EyeboxOne, g15, glcd, glcdlib, glk, hd44780, icp_a106, imon, imonlcd,, IOWarrior, irman, joy, lb216, lcdm001, lcterm, lirc, lis, MD8800,, mdm166a, ms6931, mtc_s16209x, MtxOrb, mx5000, NoritakeVFD, picolcd,, pyramid, rawserial, sdeclcd, sed1330, sed1520, serialPOS, serialVFD, shuttleVFD, sli,, stv5730, svga, t6963, text, tyan, ula200, vlsys_m428, xosd. Optional. Type check_list. choice: 'bayrad', 'CFontz', 'CFontzPacket', 'curses', 'CwLnx', 'ea65', 'EyeboxOne', 'g15', 'glcd', 'glcdlib', 'glk', 'hd44780', 'icp_a106', 'imon', 'imonlcd', 'IOWarrior', 'irman', 'joy', 'lb216', 'lcdm001', 'lcterm', 'lirc', 'lis', 'MD8800', 'mdm166a', 'ms6931', 'mtc_s16209x', 'MtxOrb', 'mx5000', 'NoritakeVFD', 'picolcd', 'pyramid', 'rawserial', 'sdeclcd', 'sed1330', 'sed1520', 'serialPOS', 'serialVFD', 'shuttleVFD', 'sli', 'stv5730', 'svga', 't6963', 'text', 'tyan', 'ula200', 'vlsys_m428', 'xosd'.


Where can we find the driver modules ? IMPORTANT: Make sure to change this setting to reflect your specific setup! Otherwise LCDd won't be able to find the driver modules and will thus not be able to function properly. NOTE: Always place a slash as last character ! Optional. Type uniline. default: 'server/drivers/'.


The server will stay in the foreground if set to yes. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'no,legal:yes,no'.


Optional. Type list of uniline.


Set master heartbeat setting. If set to 'open' a client may control the heartbeat for its own screens (only). Optional. Type enum. choice: 'off', 'open', 'on'. upstream_default: 'open'.


Optional. Type list of uniline.


Optional. Type uniline. default: 'Right'.


Listen on this specified port. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '13666'.


Optional. Type uniline. default: 'Left'.


Sets the reporting level; defaults to warnings and errors only. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '2'.


Should we report to syslog instead of stderr? Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: 'no'.


Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'Down'.


Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'Up'.


If yes, the the serverscreen will be rotated as a usual info screen. If no, it will be a background screen, only visible when no other screens are active. The special value 'blank' is similar to no, but only a blank screen is displayed. Optional. Type enum. choice: 'on', 'off', 'blank'. upstream_default: 'on'.


set title scrolling speed Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '10'.


The "...Key=" lines define what the server does with keypresses that don't go to any client. The ToggleRotateKey stops rotation of screens, while the PrevScreenKey and NextScreenKey go back / forward one screen (even if rotation is disabled. Assign the key string returned by the driver to the ...Key setting. These are the defaults: Optional. Type uniline. default: 'Enter'.


User to run as. LCDd will drop its root privileges and run as this user instead. Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'nobody'.


Sets the default time in seconds to displays a screen. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '4'.