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        makeCert.pl cert_proto_filename output_file_name

Generates a License.txt file based on the values from the input file. Key generation is accomplished as follows:

The key prototype is created from the MD5 MAC of the input file ID: field and MD5 encrypted with the generator seed. The binary prototype value (the target encryption key) is further encrypted with the MD5 MAC of the license text and the sorted key value pairs (array format) without the KEY: line, and with the "time" value of the expiration date of the License as the last item using the date2time routine in License.pm or zero if there is no expiration date;

The License text comes from the file License.txt which MUST BE IN THE SAME DIRECTORY and will replace any text found in the client prototype file (this is useful to update license re-newals). A client prototype template may be found in License.template and looks as follows:

 ID:    :unique licensee identifier, time code is fine
         leave blank to auto-assign time code
 NAME:  :company or entity name
 ADD1:  :address line 1
 ADD2:  :address line 2
 CITY:  :city
 STATE: :state or province
 ZIP:   :postal code
 CTRY:  :country
 TEL:   :telephone number
 FAX:   :fax number
 CONT:  :contact person
 MAIL:  :email addy of contact
 SERV:  :http server name       * optional
 HOST:  :hostname               * optional
 USER:  :user                   * optional
 GROUP: :group                  * optional
 HOME:  :server document root   * optional
 DATE:  :creation date, mm-dd-yy | yyyy  or mmm dd yy | yyyy
 EXP:   :expiration date                * optional
 KEY:   :hex key
 PKEY:  :hex public key

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